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Docklands is still a relatively new addition to the Melbourne landscape, and home to a modern selection of high-rise apartments located next to coorporate buildings, stadiums, and waterfront leisure solutions. The Docklands, with boats bobbing along the water, is a beautiful location that combines business and leisure on the edge of the CBD. You’ll find a range of corporate headquarters located in the precinct, along with the Etihad Stadium, a host of waterfront restaurants, and a large range of designer apartment buildings.

The local government in this area is the city of Melbourne, and the location has a population of 10,964 as of the 2016 census. The Docklands is adjacent to the Melbourne CBD and it’s surrounded by Charles Grimes Bridge and Wurundjeri Way.

Landmarks: Docklands is part of a vast urban renewal projected intended to extend the Melbourne CBD by more than a third. The location is home to a range of modern Melbourne landmarks, including the Melbourne Star Observation wheel, Docklands Stadium and more. Urban renewal in the area launched in 2000, with various privately developed areas supported by the VicUrban agency. The brief for the plan was to create wide open water-focused promenades and boulevards with plenty of public art commissions and landscaping.

A handful of buildings have been retained as part of the development, thanks to their association with the maritime and industrial history of the area.

People: The community in Docklands is wonderfully diverse. With a wide range of apartment complexes available, the area attracts plenty of valuable independent people who love to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that the city has to offer. Additionally, residents consider the waterfront lifestyle to be an attractive alternative to the common big backyard lifestyle.

Lifestyle: The Docklands location near the city offers excellent convenience combined with the comfort of a waterside lifestyle. The range of new apartment complexes also offers a compact and low-maintenance living space that’s great for people who don’t need the white picket fence lifestyle, but still need plenty of space.

Homes: The Docklands locale is a constantly transforming area with plenty of unique sections springing up over the years, including Digital Harbour, Waterfront City, and the New Quay. Today’s residents can explore the promenade around the marina and find impressive residential towers, event spaces, ice skating rinks, and more. If a modern apartment with water views appeals to you, then Docklands could be your perfect home. A location close to the city means that it’s also a breeze for getting to work too.

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