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Burwood is a beautiful suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Only 14 km away from the Central Business District of Melbourne. The local government areas include Whitehorse and Monash. According to the reports from the 2016 census, Burwood currently has a population of around 15,019 people. 

When Burwood was established, Brick veneer was a popular choice for middle-class Australians, and the style remains highly prominent today. However, the location has changed in other ways. For instance, long-time residents have begun to sell their properties, paving the way for new apartment and townhouse developments. A younger demographic is making its way into the space, taking advantage of the great public transport access and the green locations of Gardiner’s Creek reserve and Wattle Park. Additionally, the incredible education from Deakin University and the Presbyterian Ladies College is also a huge draw. 

Shops: The Burwood shopping centre can be found between Burwood Highway and Warrigal Road. There’s another shopping strip located at Bennettswood too, to the corner of Station Street and the Burwood Highway

Transport: There’s plenty of public transport available, as well as lots of roadways to explore. The principle north-south roads include Station Street, Warrigal Road, Middleborough road, and Elgar Road. Additionally, the principal East to West roads are Burwood Highway, Riversdale road and Highbury road. Although there’s no train station in the suburb, the Burwood railway is close by. There are also a number of bus routes available.

Sports and recreation: Parks in the area include Gardiner’s Creek Reserve and Wattle park, the latter location has a shared bicycle and pedestrian path. Sports facilities include Bennettswood bowling club and sports ground. There’s a soccer club named the Eastern Lions that compete in the national premier league too.

Education: Deakin University is available for higher education. Private schools include St Benedicts Parish School, Emmaus College, the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Emmaus College, and Mount Scopus Memorial College, as well as St Scholastica primary school. There’s also Wattle Park primary School, Burwood East, and St Benedict’s primary school 

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