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The Bizarre Brisbane En Suite That Shocked the Internet

A luxury home in Brisbane is going viral around the world after pictures appeared online of its interesting en suite.

The en suite itself is beautiful enough, with an attractive deep bathtub where you can enjoy your bubble baths after a long day at work, and a delightful marble floor. There’s even a large mirror and a compelling set of cabinets where you can store some plush towels. We particularly like the walk-in shower with the whirlpool jet shower head. The only problem? It’s completely open plan.

The en suite in this state-of-the-art Brisbane apartment has had the walls completely removed in a renovation intended to make the $1.9 million home more “trendy.” The bold renovation failed to appeal to buyers at auction, who said that they would rather go to a local petrol station to pee than do it in full sight of anyone else in their bedroom.

No Love for the Open-Plan Bathroom

The strange design hasn’t had the impact that the landlord had hoped, leading countless people to comment on the somewhat disturbing nature of having a bathroom and toilet in full view of the rest of the bedroom. One blogger on News.com.au even took to the web to offer some examples of people who might be interested in the new “trend”, mentioning buyers like:
-Single men on Tinder who are constantly taking pictures of themselves in their bathroom mirror. Now you can recreate your profile picture with your dates in real-life.
– Parents with older children who aren’t going to be always disturbed by younger kids trying to get their attention when they’re enjoying a relaxing moment on the loo.
– Child-free couples: If you’re child-free now and you want to stay that way, you can rest assured that this bathroom will act ass a fantastic contraceptive. Once you’ve seen your partner using the loo after a hot curry, there’s no need to worry about getting pregnant.
– Single women: If you’re a single lady who tends to make bad dating decisions, this bathroom would help to stop you from making any poor choices about bringing people home.
– Elderly people: If you’re so old that you can’t see, hear, or smell very well, then you’re not going to be at all bothered by having a bathroom next to your bed.

Could You Live with a Wall-Less Bathroom?

All jokes aside, the viral home in Brisbane has left couples and families questioning whether they could cope with the idea of having a bath or going to the bathroom in front of their partner. The discussion is still active on Twitter, with everyone sharing their own opinions. Open-plan might be the future of design in the office, but if the reaction of the internet is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that we’re not ready to embrace open-plan bathrooms – at least not any time

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