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Introducing IKEA’s Small Space Collection: Foldable Furniture that’s Easy to Move

The annual event for designers “Democratic Design Days” that IKEA runs each year allows innovators from around the world to introduce some of their most impressive designs for furniture and collections. It’s also a chance for us to look at some of the new collections and collaborations that will be coming out from IKEA in the months to come.

If you’re frequently moving around to new homes, or you just want something a bit easier to deal with when you’re upgrading your Feng Shui, the latest line RAVAROR could be the perfect collection for you.

The RAVAROR Foldable Line

The RAVAROR line was specifically created for people on the move, as well as homeowners that want to transform even the smallest spaces into smart residential environments. Inspired by the growing urban population, and the demand to decrease metropolitan living spaces, the collection addresses space issues with a foldable, lightweight design.

Not only does the collection mean that you can fold your furniture away when you’re not using it – leaving more space for activities and visitors, but it also helps with relocation too. People who frequently jump between flats and apartments will never have to worry about exhausting furniture moving parties again.

According to the Creative Leader of IKEA, Viveca Olson, the new collection addresses the rapidly growing urban population and the fact that people are living in smaller spaces than ever before. The RAVAOR addresses space issues and overcomes the problems that people face now that moving to a new house frequently is more common.

What Can We Expect from RAVAROR?

The RAVAROR furniture line revolves around a few key items that introduce customers to a new level of simplicity, versatility and functionality. When you’re ready to move to a new house, it will be much easier to stack everything together and get your furniture ready for your new home.

The collection will feature 20 products initially, including lighting options, daybeds, open storage solutions, a miniature kitchen, storage boxes, and tables. All of the items are carefully designed to maximise the best use of space in any home.

RAVAROR will also be joined by the automated furniture system, ROGNAN, and a range of other exciting collections set to appear in IKEA stores during 2020. People looking for smarter spaces will definitely be on the hunt for these items in the months to come.

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