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Rooftop Terraces Create Desirable Real Estate in Bayside

Does a home with a view sound like the perfect investment to you? 

For Bayside homeowners and buyers, a rooftop terrace is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features for properties. This “added extra” for homeowners offers more than just a great view. 

According to real estate experts, having a rooftop terrace gives homeowners a fantastic alternative to a backyard. Homeowners can enjoy the open-air and outdoor space, without having to worry about maintaining their lawn. Throughout Bayside, countless homeowners are already sitting back and enjoying cocktails on their terraces as they soak in the view. 

Rooftop Terraces Boost Selling Potential

To take advantage of the extra space, many developers have implemented rooftop terraces into their designs for apartments and high-rise buildings. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a penthouse, you can even take up the entire roof, with plenty of space to grow your own flowers and vegetables, or hang out in the sun with your family. Combine the fresh air with the view that’s provided by the right location, and it’s easy to see why so many would-be homeowners are quickly falling in love with the homes that give them some rooftop luxury. 

It’s not just apartments that are taking advantage of the rooftop terrace trend either. Home developers are also seeing the benefit of getting more out of property roofs too. Townhouse developers throughout Bayside are beginning to experiment with the option of building beautiful roof-top spaces into their properties, to attract new buyers. These locations can offer incredible views, spas, and even cooking facilities to people who don’t necessarily have a lot of garden space. 

Could a Rooftop Terrace Make your Dream Home?

The roof of a house or apartment has often been an overlooked part of a real estate investment for many property developers and homeowners alike. However, as space becomes more of a precious resource for people all around the world, it’s becoming clear that making the most out of your house means deriving value from every square inch, from the basement to the roof. 

A rooftop terrace not only gives home sellers and developers an opportunity to make their property stand out in the real estate market – but it also delivers excellent opportunities to buyers who want to make the most of the beautiful weather in the summer, and the stunning views that Bayside has to offer. 

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