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Lt Hardiman Apartments: Industrial Styled Apartments in Melbourne Home of Industry

A few decades ago, Kensington was almost uninhabitable. As an industrial hotspot, the surrounding air was unpleasant, punctuated by the stockyard’s and city abbatoir’s nasty stench. Also, insecurity was commonplace, and residents mostly lived in fear. Nobody wanted to live there.

However, more than 30 years later, Kensington has grown to become one of the most livable suburbs in Melbourne, thanks to gentrification. Located a few kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, it is now home to rich cultures, commerce, advanced infrastructure, and a thriving real estate market.

While most properties reflect a modern Kensington, the LT Hardiman Lofts have created an intersection of a modern-day Kensington and its industrial past. 

Although Kensington’s industrial past wasn’t all glamour, the Hardiman Apartments, just like most residents, is choosing not to forget about it. Sitting at the very core of 55 Hardiman St., the lofts are a mere 4.3km from Melbourne’s CBD and surrounded by a cultural diversity that makes it an ideal place to call home. 

LT Hardiman Lofts is reminiscent of a fulfilling Kensington lifestyle. It seamlessly combines modern comfort with a classic industrial edge to bring out an authentic and alluring design. Most of the lofts are either 2 or 3 bedroom residences. 


The development is positioned in the heart of Kensington about 4 km from the CBD. The area is highly convenient since it has access to some of the best facilities such as infrastructure, schools, restaurants, and commercial businesses. 

Kensington’s multicultural lifestyle and the Hardiman’s industrial touch make this apartment complex attractive to both consumers and investors. The suburb is still mostly unexplored despite its proximity to the city. This opportunity makes it the ideal place to live, raise a family, or start a business. 

The Developer 

 It is hard to talk about the LT Hardiman Lofts without circling back to the people behind its development and architectural ingenuity. The property is the brainchild of Melbourne-based Naser Group with developers and designers from Pitch Architecture & Design. 

Naser Group is responsible for some of the most significant developments in Melbourne, such as The Orchard which has 39 apartments. Mohammed Naser, an expert property developer.

Pitch AD is responsible for some of the most revolutionary residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. They specialize in custom design, topology, and development, among other end-to-end architectural solutions.

A Design Reminiscent of Kensington’s Historical Lineage 

Kensington has grown to become Melbourne’s liveliest suburb, thanks to its rich historical past and a captivating contemporary lifestyle. This aura is what the architects at Pitch AD had in mind when they sat down to design the Hardiman Lofts. Although this was a slightly risky gamble considering how much Kensington has changed over the past decades, the idea will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.  

The New York-style lofts are now a favourite of most residents in Melbourne and have drawn enviable interest from investors. The lofts are a work of wonder both on the exterior and interior. 

The calming aesthetics of the interior, in particular, has made these apartments the envy of many. The spaces are plenty and furnished to bring out an ingenious blend of luxury and simplicity. 

The high ceilings and towering walls create a sense of volume and freedom. While most of the luxury living spaces in Melbourne attract ridiculous prices, The Lt Hardiman Lofts has managed to strike a plausible balance between luxury and affordability. 

Lt Hardiman Lofts comes with townhouses, apartments, and lofts that reflect its industrial past. Some of the notable features include:

  • Six floors
  • 55 residences
  • Bedrooms and living spaces with ceilings higher than 3.2m in apartments and townhouses
  • Ducted ventilation system
  • Townhouses with two entrance points
  • Reliable car park – 103 car spaces 
  • 55 bike spaces 
  • Durable and high-end Miele kitchen appliances
  • Movable island beaches

There is also an open-air atrium in the middle of the building with a landscape designed by award-winning landscape architect Jack Merlo

Some Final Words

Lt Hardiman’s primary target market is composed of professionals, entrepreneurs, couples and young families looking to lead an exciting inner-city lifestyle.

All in all, Lt Hardiman Lofts is an excellent home for anyone who wants to experience first-hand the cultural diversity and peace that thrives in Kensington. 

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