Puppy & Kid-Proof Your Plants with This $1.50 Hack from Kmart

Plants are a great way to add some life and colour to the décor in your apartment. Even the smallest apartment can benefit from a few extra plants, whether you’re using hanging plants on your balcony, or dotting cactuses around your living room.

The only problem is that if you have small kids and pets living with you, it’s not always easy to stop them from digging into your plant pots and throwing dirt all around your freshly-cleaned living room. If you’re sick of vacuuming earth up around your daisies, then a savvy shopper in Melbourne might have just answered all your prayers with her innovative Kmart hack.

Protect Your Plants for $1.50

Melbourne woman Simone Moszkowics thrilled the social media world when she revealed that you can protect your plants and your little loved-ones with a $1.50 purchase from Kmart. With a cheap (but attractive) placemat from Kmart, featuring a die-cut design, you can cover the dirt in your plant pots, and leave enough space to keep your flowers watered at the same time.

The $1.50 placemat is covered with tiny holes which essentially act as a filter, keeping dirt and earth inside your plant pots when your kids and four-legged friends decide to go exploring. Even better, you don’t have to remove the placemat to water your plants. All you need to do is cut half-way through your placemat where the stalk of your plant can grow through and flatten the rest down on top of the dirt.

It’s a Great Addition to Your Décor Too

Other Kmart fans online have commended the hack on social media, saying that it’s a great way to stop your dogs, cats and even your kids from getting their hands into the earth that helps your plants to grow. You can also reduce your chances of coming home to a nasty surprise in one of your plant pots – if you know what we mean.

The placements are $1.50 each, and they come in a range of colours including silver, rose gold and yellow gold. As well as being a great way to protect your apartment and your plants, these simple hacks are also fantastic for adding a touch of extra colour to your home. If you want to create a consistent metallic vibe in your bedroom or living room, this is a great way to do it!

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