Melbourne Becomes the 2nd Most Livable City 2019

The latest reports for the World’s most livable city are in, and it’s sad news for Melbourne, Australia. The report is published each year by the Economic Intelligence Unity, showcasing the top places to live around the world. Unfortunately, Melbourne only managed to get the second spot this year, for the second year in a row. 

The world’s most livable city is now Vienna, which also earned the top spot in 2018 too. It’s hard to argue that Vienna isn’t a beautiful place to call home, of course. Vienna is one of the best-known and most romantic cities in the world. With that in mind, it’s easier to live with the fact that Melbourne is in second place – that’s still a boast-worthy position. 

Losing the Top Spot 

For years, Melbourne remained at the top – earning the top spot for seven years in a row. However, as people who live in the city know, it’s not always the most perfect place to live – even if it has an incredible amount of joy and wonder to offer.

One point worth noting is that the Economist, the company that publishes the report, is published in London. This city is absent from the top 10 most livable cities list. In fact, it’s at spot 45, ten spaces below Manchester. It seems as though people in the UK and America can only dream of a life similar to the one that’s offered in Canada and Australia. The cities in these locations currently make up 6 of the top 10 most livable cities. Sydney also remains in the 5th spot. 

In an attempt to jump to the defence of Melbourne, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that the location is better “any day” than Vienna. Other cities named in the list include Toronto at number 7 and Vancouver at number 6. There’s also Copenhagen at number 9, Osaka at number 3 and Calgary at number 4. Adelaide is also the 10th most livable city world-wide as of this year. 

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