How to Bring the Outside Indoors with Minimal Cost and Effort Required

Bringing in the outdoors into your apartment space generates a sense of calmness and freshness. With a few simple techniques and tricks these elements can easily be emulated in our homes without breaking the budget.

Indoor Plants

Whether they’re faux or potted, plants create a sense of airiness and coolness in any room of the house.From the on-trend hanging basket in the bathroom, the large faux banana palm in the living room to oversized branches or natives in the kitchen, plants complement a range of natural hues and textures, and can brighten any space.

Natural Fibres

From Rattan, wicker to jute, you can use these materials in an array of decors and soft furnishings. Baskets, cushions and rugs in these natural materials will create instant ambiance and fit perfectly with your relaxed, zen theme.Furniture pieces and home décor are trending more towards organic shapes and textures. We are seeing more rounded corners, grounded furniture and minimalist style – but with each piece having a purpose. With using such pieces, the eye can be drawn to view the outside elements more easily.

Earth Tones

You can inject a suite of colours direct from Mother Nature to transform your space into an outdoor oasis. Various shades of green, mixed with earthy tones such as browns and greys are perfect for dining table centerpieces or for the grand island bench. Ocean or sky blues can be peppered in living or bedroom spaces with cushions and pillows. Neutral tones such as beiges, whites and lattes can be applied on couches, bedding and rugs to give the space a breath of freshness and lightness. Even a peppering of yellow and gold hues, like the sun, can be an ideal option in bathrooms and powder rooms.

Timber or Laminate Floors

Timber and laminate floors create a sense of warmth and cosiness in any living space and perfect in bringing the outdoors in. Wonderful to walk on and with a timeless look, timber and laminate floors are a match made in heaven for any style or décor trend. We are seeing a lot of Australian timbers such as Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt in the living areas.

Small Details

As we are working with a smaller space, we can work with a number of small pieces and details to create an overall finished look. Think seashells and wood or jars filled with beach rocks – especially if they are from a recent getaway with family or friends.

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