How Far Would You Travel to Work?

Does a 6 hour commute sound like something you would reasonably do to get to work? Some people believe that there’s never a distance that’s too far to travel to get to the right job. That seems to be the case for some of the respondents of a recent piece of research, which found that many people are spending up to 6 hours a day in the car, as well as on trains and busses to get to work. 

About 8.3 million Australians are commuting across the country each day, but it seems that long commutes are a pretty recent phenomenon. Studies show that commuters are struggling to work without a lengthy travel time. Ultimately, homeowners would rather have the right property than worry about getting to work. 

According to experts, housing pressures mean that if people want to live in a decent house, they probably need to deal with a long-distance to work too. 

Do Travelers Enjoy Their Commute?

Fortunately for the growing generation of commuters, driving to work, or getting the train each day doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems. Commuters are using their downtime to watch shows and catch up with social media when they’re on their way to the office, which makes commuting a lot less stressful. 

For many homeowners today, the promise of finding house and land packages that deliver life in a better neighborhood, makes the idea of a long commute easy to deal with. What’s more, if people are unhappy at their jobs, it’s more likely that they’ll want to buy a house that’s as far away from the office as possible, making a long commute a necessity. 

While there are clearly some positives to considering a longer commute, it’s not always an appealing option for many people. There are health implications to consider from being sat down for long periods of time, and no-one loves getting up early to get onto a train. 

How Do You Feel About your Commute?

The commuters of Australia are largely split into two camps. Some people don’t like the time that commutes take away from them – particularly at the end of a long day. On the other hand, there are commuters that feel that the only free time they get is during their bus or train journey. 

If the commuting trend continues, then there is going to be added pressure on the councils and governments of popular locations to make sure that the public transport system to can withstand the strain. Additionally, some companies may also start to consider things like remote working opportunities to allow people to work from home. 

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