Greyhounds Are the Best Dogs for Melbourne Apartment Owners

You’ve got the perfect apartment in Melbourne, now you just need the last finishing touches to complete your Australian dream. A dog is a much-loved addition to any family, but it’s important to choose the right breed. If you’re searching for a pooch that is happy in an apartment and doesn’t bark a lot, then a Greyhound could be the perfect choice. With a rich heritage that traces back more than 8000 years, Greyhounds are considered to be the ancestor of virtually all domestic dogs. These tall and slim dogs are beautiful to look at and wonderful to be around.

Because Greyhounds are often large, they can be misunderstood. These pooches are frequently reserved around strangers and nervous around other people, which means that their character can be underappreciated. However, if you get to know a greyhound, you’ll discover just how intelligent and lovable they can be. 

Why Greyhounds are Great for Apartments

There are many reasons why Greyhounds are great dogs for apartment living. These pooches don’t bark nearly as often as some other breeds, and they’re great with people and animals alike. These dogs aren’t particularly hyperactive indoors, and their maintenance requirements are limited. Additionally, Greyhounds are very sensitive to tone of voice, which means that they can listen to and understand your commands, but they don’t react well to harsh discipline. 

If you want to get the most out of your greyhound, you need to be calm and firm, with an air of authority. These dogs have a natural prey drive that’s very strong, and high chasing instincts, which means that it’s not a good idea to leave them off the leash. Greyhounds are also extremely fast. 

A greyhound is great with other dogs and children, so you shouldn’t have a problem helping them to get used to the rest of your family. Dogs like these are always looking for a playmate, and they bond with the animals and people that they consider to be part of their pack. 

Caring for Your Greyhound

If you can show your authority to a greyhound, the dog will be more likely to relax and trust you to guide them. Additionally, keep in mind that these dogs are very sensitive to cold climates and will require a coat to help them withstand colder temperatures. 

Greyhounds live for up to 12 years, and love having routine in the things that they do, whether it’s feeding time, play time, training time, or something else entirely. Speaking of feeding, make sure that you give these dogs a few smaller meals a day to avoid bloating. Additionally, when it comes to grooming, it’s a good idea to simply brush with a firm brush every other day. 

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