Check out This New “Steampunk” Apartment in St Kilda

If you thought that your sense of style was quirky, wait until you see this fantastic steampunk-style apartment in St Kilda. Designed with furniture inspired by the hit film “Alien,” and light fittings that come straight from pieces of machinery, this is a home truly like no other. 

Created for those with a bold approach to interior design, the St Kilda apartment is sure to turn a few heads at auction. When Tania and Mark Morgan bought their home two years ago – it was nothing more than a standard two-bedroom place to hang their hats. However, they decided that they wanted to put their stamp on the property – and opted for a steampunk theme to do it. 

The “steampunk” look combines classic Victorian elements with bold industrial themes to deliver a futuristic appearance that seems to come straight from the realms of science fiction. 

Is Steampunk Style Worth the Investment?

Creating the unique apartment wasn’t easy. According to Mr. Morgan, he scoured the internet for days looking for the perfect pieces to bring his home to life. Some of the most notable features include an Alien themed table with a glass top, silver armchairs with a futuristic style, and light fittings crafted from pieces of pipe and machinery. 

The wallpaper in the apartment was imported from Belgium, while other pieces came from various locations around the world, including Thailand, Germany, France, Greece, and beyond. About 90% of the home is imported, costing the couple around $60,000 in total. Additionally, everything had to go through complicated Customs processes too. 

Mr. Morgan said that he probably wouldn’t go through the process again – but he loves what his home has become. When the couple moved in, the apartment was bare and white, meaning that they had to gut the entire property (including replacing several walls) to get the desired effect. 

Mr. Morgan needed to install new bathrooms, recreate their kitchen, paint everything, and replace all the little details involved to create the perfect style. 

Selling the Steampunk Masterpiece

The Morgans originally bought their home after moving to the location from Queensland a couple of years ago. Although they were planning on sticking around, their lives have forced them to move back to Queensland, where they already have a house lined up. 

The Morgans don’t plan on taking any of their furniture with them, which means that up to $900,000 price tag they’ve applied to the apartment comes with the unique pieces included. Mr. Morgan noted that all of the hard work has already been done – which is sure to appeal to someone who’s looking for a unique home, without the extra work. According to the couple’s real-estate agent, the company has never sold a property that was furnished quite like this before. 

Already, a couple of parties have shown interest in buying the apartment, with some discussion about turning the location into a sought-after Airbnb

What do you think about this Alien home? 

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