Amazon Alexa: Using Alexa to secure your Apartment

Safety and security are essential whether you live in an apartment. Renters and short term investors are often in a unique circumstance when it comes to securing their spaces and may not want to sign a lengthy contract or invest in a fully monitored security system.  A wired security system is likely not an option, but smart home automation is a great alternative.

So, how do you gain peace of mind and keep your apartment secure as a renter? Let’s ask Alexa.

Smart home products, like Amazon’s Echo with Alexa, allow users to connect devices to Wi-Fi and control them through their smartphones or by using voice commands. Because the Amazon Echo can integrate with thousands of devices and brands, it’s easy to secure your apartment using Alexa.

1. Monitor cameras

Renters, landlords, investors and property owners can monitor who’s coming and going from their apartments by installing a few security cameras and then monitoring them using their digital assistant, smartphone or desktop. Start by placing cameras inside and outside your apartment and patio could help deter burglars, as well as package deliveries. Then you can use Alexa or the camera’s app feature to get real-time views of the camera feed, all the while keeping your apartment secured.

2. Arm and disarm the security system

If you have a basic home security system, you can ask Alexa to check the status or arm or disarm the system. While some security systems are better suited for homeowners, there are some home security systems for renters that are highly compatible with Alexa and other home automation devices. All of these smart home devices are portable, so you can DIY your home security wherever you are. Alexa and other digital assistants can help improve home security and safety as a renter.

3. Use Alexa to lock the doors

If you have ever forgotten to lock up as you rush to get out the door, you would have wished for Alexa. Alexa is compatible with a variety of smart lock companies, so when you install smart locks, you can simply ask, “Alexa, did I lock the front door?” and it’ll respond with a yes or a no. You can also ask her, “Alexa, will you lock the door?” and she’ll comply (even from a remote location).

4. Answer the doorbell

By connecting Alexa to your smart doorbell, you can easily see who’s knocking on your door before you decide to open the door, increasing your safety when at home or away. Forget the blurry peephole that you once used to see who was at the front door. Some also have two-way talk features that let you converse back and forth with the person at the door.

5. Adjust the lights

Studies have shown that burglars tend to avoid well-lit homes and apartments, as well as those that appear occupied, and smart lighting helps you achieve both. By integrating a smart lightbulb starter kit like Philips Hue or GE. You are able to control lighting remotely using Alexa. You can ward off burglars simply by having Alexa turn on the lights at night and dim them in the morning. This technology is popular with investors with vacancies as well as homeowners or renters on vacation.

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