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Keystone Properties Launches Sixth Development in Footscray: Ovation

Melbourne-based developer Keystone Property Group has launched another high-end development in Footscray. The development named Ovation is the 6th in Footscray.

Keystone develops residential properties in the inner Melbourne market and is responsible for over 450 properties in the city. Luke Daley and Ray Evans launched the company in 2006, and it has since handled more than 17 projects in Footscray, Prahran, Brunswick and other suburbs in Melbourne. 

Ovation is expected to be complete in late 2021, adding to the list of Keystone’s luxury developments. The property, located in the heart of Footscray, is reminiscent of Keystone’s signature luxury developments and is set to attract buyers from the top tier. 

An Eye for Footscray 

Keystone Properties has found a massive opportunity in Footscray, judging from the array of existing developments.

All previous developments had enviable financial success and now Keystone is banking on Ovation to widen its consumer base. There are several reasons why Footscray is attracting the attention of many real estate developers. 

The suburb is strategically positioned and has grown to become a cultural and commercial powerhouse. Numerous shopping hubs, luxury schools, picturesque dining destinations, and many entertainment hotspots also grace the suburb.

Although Footscray is already home to many residential masterpieces, Ovation should offer fierce competition and take its place among the hottest properties in one of Melbourne’s most loved suburbs.

Ovation: Cutting Edge Design in a Serene Location 

Keystone Property Group’s reputation as a competent luxury developer in Melbourne will likely play a key role in ensuring Ovation’s success. However, minus Keystone’s influence, the property still has a considerable chance at elbowing its way into the top of the real estate market, thanks to its revolutionary design and well-thought-out location. 

Ovation’s host of apartments blend into Footscray’s architectural landscape while remaining unique enough to phase off competition. The development was designed by Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD), one of Melbourne’s finest architects.

KUD is a brainchild of award-winning architect Billy Kavellaris and is responsible for innumerable residential, commercial and religious developments in Australia. These include Kinglake Church, Spectrum Apartments, 101 Maling, South Yarra House, 2 Girls Building, JARtB House and Hancock House. 

Ovation’s design uniquely reflects KUD’s architectural ingenuity. Other parties taking part in the project include landscape architect John Patrick and Platinum Construction. The interiors evoke a sense of familiarity with just the right amount of sophistication. Everything from the floors and walls to the kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities is keenly brought to life using the most durable materials.

Ovation’s location gives it an advantageous edge. It stands tall less than 8km from Melbourne’s CBD and is only 7 minutes’ walk from the famous Footscray Market. What’s more, you can reach the famed Middle Footscrays Train on foot within 4 minutes. 

Footscray is a well-known hotspot for leisure and recreation. That is part of the reason why it makes for an ideal real estate powerhouse suburb.

On the outside, Footscray is more of an advanced village than an urban centre. But until you live there, you may not experience the connectivity, innovation, and commerce that keep it alive. That is why Keystone’s Ovation is more likely to thrive here than in any other suburbs in Melbourne. It is close to reliable infrastructure, health centres, and many public schools. 

Luxury Doesn’t Come Cheap

While Ovation is expected to draw in a lot of buyers even before completion, the apartments come with hefty price tags. There are 131 Apartments in total with more than nine residential levels.

There are also three retail shops for those looking to start a business and serve the residents. Amenities include outdoor dining and BBQ, open-air theatre and pool.

The Ovation apartments are either one-bed, two-bed or 3-bed with varying prices:

  • From AU$357,500 for a one-bedroom
  • From AU$515,000 for a two-bedroom
  • From AU$650,000 for a three-bedroom

Some Final Words

Hopefully, Keystone will be banking both on its existing reputation and Footscray’s multicultural diversity to attract customers to Ovation’s luxury apartments.

If previous success is anything to go by, there’s no doubt that Ovation will quickly carve out a space for itself in Melbourne’s competitive real estate market.

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