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Introducing the $7 Mill Apartment Once Owned by Kanye West

If you know much about Kanye West’s real estate tastes, then you’ll know he’s a fan of minimalistic design. However, one glance at this 7 million dollar apartment previously owned by the superstar highlights just how far that preference goes.

Often, the home of a parent with four children will often be one packed with toys and clutter from floor to ceiling. However, it seems that Kanye and Kim Kardashian don’t have that problem. The couple are notorious for keeping their homes looking incredible, and they also favour designs that are highly simple and minimalistic. Kanye’s former home shows that his love of the minimalist started long before he met his wife, Kim Kardashian. 

Exploring Kanye’s Old Apartment

The $7 million apartment is located in the SoHo Region of Manhattan, and it was purchased by Kanye in 2004. The location sold last year at a price of around $6.92 million AUD. The location comes with a unique design largely crafted by the Italian designer, Claudio Silverstrin. Though most people assume that New York City apartments are claustrophobic and chaotic, this offering is anything but. 

Kanye’s old pad is around 2,427 square feet in size, thanks to Kanye’s unique extension strategies. The singer also purchased an additional adjacent apartment in the building in 2006 and combined the two to create a brand-new monster one-bedroom and one and a half bathroom home. 

The apartment is brimming with special touches that just scream Kanye, including touches of luxury interspersed with minimalist design. As you’d expect of any apartment owned by Kanye, there are flourishes of opulence like custom lighting, audio, and limestone flooring from France. There’s also 10-foot ceilings and an in-unit washer-dryer too. 

Now Available to Purchase

The large and brightly-lit space previously owned by Kanye offers an incredible view of the city, thanks to huge over-sized windows. Additionally, the earthy décor and limestone flooring creates a highly modern contrast in each room. The kitchen also comes with a monolithic island made of stone, which is also mirrored somewhat in the bathroom. 

Just as this apartment becomes available in the market, Kanye has also purchased a ranch in Cody, Wyoming, with panoramic views of the National Park in Yellowstone. The property is apparently 4,500 acres in size.

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