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Flu Season 2019: Keeping your apartment clean.

Flu season is back once again. And kids in a small apartment space whose hand-washing skills are notably dubious can very quickly infect the whole household with all sorts of bugs and germs. But how can you go about preventing sick kids from infecting the whole family? Read on for some tips on how to prevent germs from spreading through your family and apartment space.

Avoid sick kids and keep yours home

It’s the bane of a working parent’s existence, taking weeks off work to ensure a sick child does not effect other children at school, childcare or kinder garden. But the parent who still sends their runny-nosed child out of the house sick, when they have other options, is the height of inconsideration.

Children have particularly low immune systems and by infecting other children can be very dangerous. Kids who are vomiting, have sore throats, phlegmy coughs and fevers above 38 degrees should not be sent to school or daycare (or gymnastics, art class, karate or anywhere else)!

Disinfect and quarantine

Once your kid has a cold, try to prevent those germs from spreading by isolating as many germs as possible. If possible try to limit your sick child’s movement to as few areas of the house as possible.

Also, try to contain the germs by reducing the sharing of toys, books and even cutlery. You can help limit the spread of germs by washing their forks, dishes and tableware immediately after use.

Disinfecting doorknobs, handrails and table and counter surfaces has also been known to limit the spread of viruses and germs.

Ideally the kids should have their own bathroom – If you have multiple children in your household let the healthy ones use yours until the worst of it has run its course.If bathroom sharing is a must, keep that germ-killer handy and use it often.

You’ll also want to do the laundry more often, washing clothes, sheets and blankets, and be sure to keep beloved stuffed toys quarantined, as well.Do you have more than one child in diapers? If one is sick and the other isn’t, avoid germ spreading at the changing station by finding another place for one of them when it comes time to clean

Prevent Flu Spread Using Vaccinates

The best insurance against illness spreading germs in your home is prevention.If your child is in public school, then they’re already up-to-date on most vaccinations. But since flu shots are not mandatory, make sure your child opts in.

Flu vaccines are“free” through many existing health insurance plans when you get them at your local gp. What’s more, some healthcare facilities offer the vaccine in a nasal spray form, which means needle-phobes can avoid anxiety while keeping illness at bay. While you’re at it, ensure everyone gets vaccinated.

Clean hands

Germs spread like wildfire at schools, playgroups and day care centers where kids play and share toys. Get them in the habit of washing their hands and using hand sanitizer regularly. Perhaps even get them a cute portable one they can loop onto their backpack zipper so it’s always at the ready.

Contrary to popular belief, the main source of the cold and flu is from dirty hands touching infected services — not airborne. Clean hands save lives and prevent the spread of illness.

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