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Beach Box sales are booming as Melbourne resident’s holiday closer to home.

As Melbourne residents come out of COVID-19 lockdowns but realise that international travel looks unlikely to be an option for the foreseeable future, many are looking closer to home for their next holidays.

These local staycations have led to an upturn in sales for beach boxes, bathing boxes and boatsheds across Melbourne’s coast. 

From high end sales in Portsea at over $30000 to more modest purchases on the Dromana foreshore, sales are booming and enquiries are growing as people look for either their summer escape or more storage closer to the beach. 

Whilst the beach boxes are modest in size and many are unpowered, they are generally well built so often need little work for upkeep.

Over winter and the coinciding COVID-19 lockdown the market had slowed but now that residents can see light on the horizon and feel confident with planning a holiday locally, interest is starting to peak. That’s not to say that they haven’t sold consistently over this period. 

The beach boxes are often popular with those who may already have a holiday home in the area. 

Beach boxes are generally a long term investment and they don’t often come onto the market. A common reason for them being put up for sale is when the Vendor has adult children who move away from the area. They then find that the beach boxes are no longer being used so are comfortable letting it go to a family who will get the same enjoyment that they did. 

The popularity seems a result of travel restrictions currently in place. Qantas has flagged that international travel is unlikely for at least 12 months (and even then only with a vaccine.) Similarly, it’s unclear when interstate borders will be reopened. All this means that Melbourne residents are looking for holiday options closer to home. 

It’s not just those beach boxes and boat sheds on the market that are attracting interest. Many owners are fielding enquiries from prospective buyers wondering if they are interested in selling. People are increasingly interested in storage space options on the beach.

Prospective buyers must proceed with caution though. Depending on where you are looking, being a local ratepayer may be a requirement for buying a boat shed or beach box. 

It’s not just beach box enquiries that have gone up though. Most real estate agents along the coast have been fielding enquiries regarding holiday homes as well. Stories abound of people buying holiday homes and beach boxes site unseen. 

The popularity of beach boxes is easy to understand. They are iconic and many look at owning one as a badge of honour.

They are also incredibly useful. They offer storage, shade and a place to store food and drinks. Many are powered or have solar panels on the roof. For many it can be appealing to not have to carry things home and get sand throughout the car and the house after a long day relaxing on the beach. 

Whilst interest was steady over the COVID-19 lockdowns there’s definitely a resurgence as restrictions are easing. With travelling further afield than Victoria off many family’s radars for the immediate term you can only expect this interest to continue. 

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