Latest Day: October 12, 2019


The Need for Child-Friendly Design in High-Rise Apartments

More and more parents are raising children in high-rise housing in inner-city areas. In spite of this, much of the high-rise housing stock in Australia have been developed without truly considering its younger inhabitants. A 2018 study published in Cities & Health discovered that while parents appreciated that apartments offered affordable housing close to employment,

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How to Find the Hidden Flaws in Older Apartments

Because many property buyers have been put off by all the news about defects in new building developments, there is now a renewed interest in older-style apartments.  Previously, we discussed the kind of information you should seek out when you buy a new apartment. But what about older apartments? It’s not as if apartments built


How Far Would You Travel to Work?

Does a 6 hour commute sound like something you would reasonably do to get to work? Some people believe that there’s never a distance that’s too far to travel to get to the right job. That seems to be the case for some of the respondents of a recent piece of research, which found that

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Could a Car Park Rev Up Your Property’s Price?

Having a car park next to your apartment could add as much $200,000 in value to a one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne’s inner suburbs according to recent studies. Research has found that suburbs close to the CBD are the most likely to benefit from having a parking area nearby. However, it’s safe to say that any

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